Answer, ✴ Summary of “Photograph” by “Shirley Toulson”!! The poem ” Photograph” is composed by “Shirley Toulson”. In this poem, poet is. A Photograph by Shirley Toulson This is a poem of remembrance with a rather sad tone. It brings into focus the unstoppable changes ‘time’. Used in Class Mount Carmel School,AN, New Delhi by darKRomeo.

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The wind blows her hair onto her face. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You might also like More from author. It was childhood innocence at its purest. However, this distance takes on a woeful note once we discover later in the poem that the poet has lost her mother. The ocean is same even now as it was in the photograph, but human beings are mortalsthey cannot exist unchangable as sea and ocean. Log in to add a comment.

Thus the silence of the photograph also silenced. Shirley Toulson looks at an old photograph of sihrley mother and is reminded of her mother who is no more. What is silenced and how has it silenced the photograhp Entries and comments feeds.

With the laboured ease of loss. By Trisha Last updated Jun 19, The tone of the poem is that of sadness. The poem is tender because phoograph the heart-touching manner in which it has expressed nostalgia born of loss to the passage of time and the final rest; the jolting attribute comes from the harsh message it sends across about how humans can never be entirely adept at accepting irreversible separation from a loved one.


The mother drew pleasure from her past childhood days. The face of the mother was appearing very innocent and cute. They all have joined their hands to one another.

Summary for a photograph by shirley toulson –

Aastha Singh Toulosn says 2 years ago. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Poetess wants to say that twelve years have passed after the death of her mother. I can personally relate this poem a lot to the loss of my aunt and the photographs that I printed out to keep revisiting her in my mind.

Whenever mother used to see at the photographshe remembered her innocent childhood fuIl of ecstasy. Sign in Recover your password. But, time has no regard for such mundane matters. Therefore, it must signify that the mother had died about 12 years ago… ie, the same number of years as the girl was aged at time of capturing of photograph her younger self. The laughter of the mother while seeing photogrsph photograph has become a past incident.

Notify me of new comments via email. But the photograph allows the poet to recall and revive the laughter through the image captured thirty years back.

It rolls on inexorably destroying, building and devouring the living and the non-living objects on earth. When phptograph grow older and are shirleu to become mature and serious over time, we often outgrow the youthful care that could once be felt toward small little things like a visit to the beach, and how even such small events were accompanied with efforts to dress up and look the part. Shobhit Saheb Dey says 3 years ago. Secondary School English 13 points. This casual remark of the mother that the poet shares with us emboldens the underlying current of nostalgia over things lost to time that binds the whole poem together.


An Allusion is a reference or an incidental mention of something; either directly or by implication.

They had gone to enjoy their holidays on the beach in guiant dresses. The photograph takes Shirley down the memory lane. Both the happy moments have receded to the oblivion, never to return. Comment on the tone of the poem. The poem “Photograph” is composed by “Shirley Toulson”.

But when the mother was no more, the voice of the photograph was no more. She recalls the moment when her mother was twelve years old and looked sweet and happy. Sajan says 2 years ago. She recollects how her mother, now no more, used to stare at the photograph musing on her face that looked so innocent and sweet those days.

Summary for a photograph by shirley toulson

I find personification in the last line. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Thus, the sea here symbolizes eternity, against the infinite vastness of which human lives appear even more evanescent in comparison. So, the photograph must be decades old.

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