دراسة في طبيعة المجتمع العراقي A Study of the Nature of Iraqi Society. by علي الوردي Ali al Wardi · Paperback. $$ In stock on August 28, Books shelved as ali-alwardi: خوارق اللاشعور by علي الوردي, شخصية الفرد العراقي by علي الوردي, مهزلة العقل البشري by علي الوردي, منطق ابن خلدون by علي ال. Ali al-Wardi is the author of Social Glimpses of Modern Iraqi History ( avg rating, 4 ratings, 0 reviews, published ) Ali al-Wardi’s books. Ali al-Wardi.

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The old logic relied on the absolute truth in all things because it believed that truth was static, self sustaining and separate from objective circumstances and social relations. The most important works ofAli Al-Wardi are: Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

Moreover, human nature has not changed despite the considerable change in values, habits and social beliefs, whereby Man has remained the same prejudiced animal since time immemorial. People who preached that the sooner Man amended his ways that his heart would be cleansed of its hatred and selfishness, and overnight he would become a happy contented individual.

All Formats Paperback Sort by: Al-Wardi criticizes and highlights the shortcomings of rationalism bloks all his writings, which he believed did not conform to modern scientific theories. This Kantian assumption that sees the mind as a second nature to man was criticized by Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud and Charles Darwin, all of whom highlighted the role that motives, desires, reactions and interests play in steering the mind.

Ali Al-Wardi

In forging this link, Al-Wardi bases himself on the words of the psychologist Robert Meyers who said that the unconscious contains both a goldmine and a heap of garbage.

He drew his ideas from three major sources:. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Al-Wardi said that Ibn Khaldoun saw human nature as inconstant and changeable in tandem with the social circumstances in which the human being lives, and this also bokks to human society.

The Shia agreed with them on that aspect. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Freud said that this was not just a superficial phenomenon. For Al-Wardi, although the ancient philosophers saw Man as a rational animal, we have now come to realize that Man is not, in fact, as rational as rationalist Greek philosophy portrayed him to be.

Each individual thinks that he is more entitled that others, wlwardi better, cleverer, and more able and attractive than everyone else, then tries to find justification for his claims.

Although Al-Wardi lived in a period rife with ideological struggles, whether Islamic, nationalist or socialist, he managed to remain neutral, maintain his bpoks independence and be a courageous and enlightened critic of various social slwardi associated with all that is backward, sacred and taboo, and to all that is familiar alwrdi the mind.


Ibn Khaldoun studied human history realistically, isolated from the preaching style that had dominated social thought over several centuries.

He reproached them for believing that the human being book made of clay that they could mould and shape as they pleased Haidari— Separating motives from self-consciousness, in particular, allows for the radical expansion of the scope of explanations based on motives.

It is the instrument for generating and controlling thought, as well compelling it to act; it is also the power that allows meanings to be imagined, and propositions and syllogisms to be formed. He underlined the fact that the logic followed by Ibn Khaldoun had an influence on his theory, as did the intellectual and non-intellectual factors that helped him formulate his theory on human civilization and sociology.

Popular Ali Alwardi Books

The rationalists believe that the mind is independent of experience because it tends to be spontaneous and contemplative Descarteswhile the Empiricists John Locke and David Hume claim that the mind develops through experience.

The old logic therefore applies neither to the past nor to the present era. Man derives alwsrdi morality from society and, in turn, society is subject to its own social, economic and political circumstances.

These two basic instincts both repel and attract each other simultaneously, and human behaviour is the outcome of either the struggle or cooperation between them. He supported this claim with a number of examples, including how some preachers ask the people to cleanse themselves of hatred, envy, egotism and hypocrisy, yet they themselves are more selfish, envious and hypocritical. The ancient philosophers believed that Man was rational and free-thinking and followed the path of his choice, through relying on the old logic and on pure thought.

It is also not a pure, innocent alwagdi static tool that receives data like a computer; it is a mental activity made up of knowledge systems and their sli implementation.

Use of this site signifies your acceptance of legal Terms of use and Privacy Policy. The disasters that plagued the 20th century, including the two world wars, civil wars, colonialism and environmental disasters are but a result of this irrational control over the world. However, in few years travelled to the United States to attain his Masters and Ph. Get to Know Us. For example, when we explain a dream or make a slip of the tongue, we usually fail to understand the motive or motives behind it.

Ali Al-Wardi – Wikipedia

The fanatical human mind of which Al-Wardi speaks is the result of the deeply rooted quality of bias embedded in it; it is not neutral. He believed that the rationalists were wrong to conclude that human nature is an outcome of the mind, and that the mind is boois to a lofty gift, the role bloks which is to ascertain the truth. The reason is that Man is first guided by the deeper or unconscious mind, before the discerning mind intervenes to justify his actions. He later was appointed as a teacher in many elementary and high schools across Iraq, before winning a scholarship to the American Alu of Beirut where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Allwardi, if someone proposes a religion to him that his mind does not like, he has no choice but to reject it.


Man calls for the truth only when he is in harmony with his ego, which is what Al-Wardi believed people should keep in boois when dealing with others. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. This does not mean that Al-Wardi did not believe, however, in the existence of facts. Human nature is an organized collection of ideas, temperaments, tendencies and habits that distinguish one person from another and an outcome of the interaction between nature and nurture, or natural instincts and social norms.

Nevertheless, Al-Wardi grow up with a disliking for work and a strong liking for alwrdi. This page was last edited on 17 Decemberat It is different from sense perception in as far as it separates the form from the matter. The logic pursued by the alwrdi philosophers was deficient in two ways: This mental framework is drawn from society that imposes on the human being a specific set of social and cultural rules and values; if anyone violates these rules and values, feelings of aggression are generated because of the deeply embedded believe that truth and justice is on its side.

Low to High Price: Ibn Khaldoun believed that truth was not constant but that it changed in line with changes in the condition of human civilization. He also adapted this logic to the Iraqi mind, in particular, its idealism and contradictions. Are you an author?

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Your email address will not be published. In fact, he wrote, Man first believes in the doctrine he inherits from his forefathers, and only later does he begin to rethink it. Provide feedback about this page. Most wars and conflicts among people are an outcome of the mental framework that restricts the human mind and keeps it captive.

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