The Text History of the Bibliotheca of. Pseudo-Apollodorus. AUBREY DILLER. The references in the Scholia Minora on the Iliad are only apparent. The work is. Attributed to Apollodorus of Athens (born c. BCE), but probably composed in the first or second century BCE, The Library provides a grand summary of. The Bibliotheca of Pseudo-Apollodorus, perhaps the best-known mythographic text, stands out for its comprehensive aim and state of preservation.

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Through misunderstanding an oracle the Heraclids make a second fruitless attempt to conquer Peloponnese, viii.

Look neither at the page of Homernor of elegynor tragic musenor epic strain. Apparently he was a mythical embodiment of the first sower.

The Library, Volume I — Apollodorus | Harvard University Press

Pearson, The Frag- ments of SophocleSy vol. That his father was Oeagrus is mentioned also by Plato Sympos. The Pseudo-apollkdorus arrive at Tenedos We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. Agamemnon on his return home is murdered by Aegisthus and Clytaemnestra, The receipt for making a hero of this pattern was simple.

This is more an encyclopediac geneology than just a literary collection of stories. It is said that, when he was seven days old, the Fates came and declared that Meleager should die when the brand burning on the hearth was burnt out.

The Library of Greek Mythology

At that time he sailed with the chiefs to the Isthmus and dedicated the ship to Poseidon, but afterwards he exhorted Medea to devise how he could punish Pelias. Apollodorus, LibraryApollod. See Merry, on Homer, Od. The book is actually only a brief overview of each pseudo-apolkodorus the legends and is divided into a number of sections which outline various Greek famil All the Greek myths we know and love – and then some 19 July This manuscript was a pretty good find, or at least the sections that we did find to complete the manuscript that was handed down to us, because it gives us all of those Greek stories that we know and love, from this: Ocean, Coeus, Hyperion, Crius, Iapetus, and, youngest of all, Cronus; also daughters, the Titanides as they are called: But the text as we have it was written by an author probably living in the first or second century of our era.


But that tragedy itself was probably based on a Greek original ; for Bibliohheca Siculus introduces his similar account pseudo-qpollodorus the assassination of the usurper with the remark that the history of Medea had been embellished and distorted by the extravagant fancies bibliottheca the tragedians.

Asteria, Latona, the birth of Artemis and Apollo. According to Diodorus Siculus i.

Now Jason dwelt in Zenobius, Cent. Thus he treated of the theogony, of the war of the gods and the giants, of Prometheus, of Hercules, of the Argive and the Cretan sagas, of the voyage of the Argo, and of the tribal or family legends of Arcadia, Laconia, and Attica ; and like Apollodorus he seems to have paid great attention to genealogies. These fruits they regard as the chilaren of Mother Elarth, who in their opinion is the mother also of men and of gods, see J.

Jason and Medea fly to Corinth. Famell, Ths Cults of the Greek States, iii. That Eurydice was killed by the bite of a snake on which she had accidentally trodden is mentioned by Virgil Ovid, Hyginus, and the Vatican Mythographers.

Bibliotheca (Pseudo-Apollodorus) – Wikipedia

But them Sky bound and cast into Tartarus, a gloomy place in Hades as far distant from earth as earth is distant from the sky. Orestes with the help of Pylades brings back Iphigenia and the image of Artemis from Tauris to Greece, Cephalus, Oreithyia, Eumolpus, Aegeus Calliope’s children Linus and Orpheus, iii. Show by default Hide by default. Helenophiles and myth lovers.

Penelope said to have been debauched by Antinous and therefore sent back to her father Icarius ; at Mantinea she gives birth to Pan, whom she had by Hermes, So they founded an altar of Radiant Apollo, and having offered sacrifice they betook them to feasting ; and twelve handmaids, whom Arete had given to Medea, jested merrily with the chiefs ; whence it is still customary for the women to jest at the sacrifice.


Published February 25th by Oxford University Press first published His grandsons Bias and the seer Melampus the kine of Phylacusix.

The Library, Volume I

His sufferings in hell were painted by Polygnotus in his famous picture of the underworld at Delphi. Such explanations originate in that in- stinctive curiosity concerning the causes of things which at a more advanced stage of knowledge seeks satisfaction in philosophy and science, but being founded on ignorance and misapprehension they are always false, for were they true they would cease to be myths.

As to the representa- tions of the car in ancient art, see Stephani, in Compte Rendu St. Robert, Dt Apollodori BibUoiheca, p.

Probably very useful for those wanting to study Greek mythology but not ideal for those wanting a rough grasp on the subject. Melampus promised to tell him, provided he got the kine. When they heard that, they put to sea, and on nearing the rocks let fly a dove from the prow, and as she flew the clash of the rocks nipped off” the tip of her tail.

Magnes married a Naiad nymph, and sons were born to him, Polydectes and Dietys ; these colonized Seriphus. Homer calls him simply a son of Earth Od. Porthaon and Euryte, daughter of Hippodamas, had sons, Oeneus, Agrius, Alcathous, Melas, Leucopeus, and a daughter Sterope, who is said to have been the mother of the Sirens by Achelous.

But Pisander says that the mother of Tydeus was Gorge, for Zeus willed it that Oeneus should fall in love with his own daughter.

Children of Poseidon and Amphitrite, iv. Athamas, father of Phrixus and Helle the Golden Fleeceix.

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