In , Donaghy, a longtime NBA referee, pleaded guilty to charges of wire fraud and to disclosing confidential information regarding NBA. We’ve obtained a copy of Tim Donaghy’s book, Blowing the Whistle, which purports to expose the NBA’s “culture of fraud” and which Random. Blowing the whistle: the culture of fraud in the NBA by Tim Donaghy; 3 editions; First published in ; Subjects: National Basketball.

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The allegations about other refs and gambling — believed to include betting in casinos — may not rise to the level of criminal activity, ESPN said. Commissioner David Stern has called Donaghy’s whustle “baseless,” saying he tried to whistl others to secure a lighter sentence.

His lawyer said it was all a misunderstanding. Meaning, we see the game on the court, but folks who are stars in the league also are now public personas. Show 25 25 50 All. He gave gambling associates sensitive information, including which crews would officiate games and how the various officials and players interacted. NBA Vice President Richard Buchanan said Donaghy’s allegations are “part of his desperate attempt to blowwing the sentence that will be imposed for his criminal conduct.

Ex-NBA referee Tim Donaghy told the feds two officials fixed the outcome of a playoff series – and that refs were told not to eject star players from b,owing for fear of hurting ticket sales. How much of that happens off the court, in terms of protecting the image and the stars of the game?

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And he came after me. If you could go back, where would you pinpoint to the single moment where maybe you could have made a different decision?

Referees who violate the policy can be fired. So it’s conceivable that the NBA found out the book was forthcoming and it was a reaction to the general information.


This article about a biographical or autobiographical book on sportspeople is a stub. Sport betting US sports Basketball features. During the process of editing and vetting the manuscript, which Triumph received from Donaghy in the tje, Random House and its imprint made the joint decision to cancel the book out of “concerns over potential liability,” according to an e-mail from a Triumph representative.

Donaghy felt that our firm was the best fit to become the publisher for this unique project.

A lot of times you need that door opened for you, but when you go through that door, you have to have the talent to do it, so, I think that in the Philadelphia area, a lot of doors are opened for a lot of people, but you have to be able to do the job in order to get it.

National Basketball Association history Sports autobiographies Basketball books books Biography book stubs Sport book stubs. How much of your own fall do you think drew attention away from things that might still be going on or frankly things that the NBA might have known about?

It just opens another can of worms. NBA officials yesterday declined to comment on the report.

Blowing the Whistle: The Culture of Fraud in the Nba – Tim Donaghy – Google Books

View author archive Get author RSS feed. Way prior to that it was way out of control with the golf and the casinos and donathy cards. Trending Now on NYPost. The only criminal activity uncovered is Mr. Once everything got exposed in your professional life, how much lying in your personal life was brought into the light, and what was that experience like?

Who was your hero growing up?

And when you tell somebody how to call a game, at times it puts one team at an advantage or a disadvantage. There definitely vonaghy favorite referees on the staff that get All-Star Games, extra All-Star Games, or better preseason games oversees or more playoff games.

First look at NFL playoff bracket: The Lakers went on to sweep the Nets in the finals.


Growing up I loved the Philadelphia 76ers: How does your team measure up? They just kind of tell us how to call the games. Retrieved from ” https: One Super Bowl win and say goodbye Washington Redskins. Mayweather crushes Nasukawa in exhibition 18h Nick Parkinson.

Ex-referee Tim Donaghy blows whistle on NBA dirty secrets

How different or similar are the rules that the spectator knows relative to the rules that the NBA and its officials and those operating the league play by? Hook singer Ray Sawyer dead blpwing Berdan said the book was vetted, including one final look by a senior attorney from Random House, and was ready to go to press when the company decided not to publish the book.

Information from The Associated Press was used blowinb this report. The book was to have covered Donaghy’s experience as an NBA referee and the events leading up to his conviction on federal wire fraud charges.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The NBA knew about a lot of things, and their defense of this whole thing was to bloaing me in the worst light possible and act like it was one bad apple in the bunch.

Donaghy book canceled over liability

He told probers one referee used a team’s practice facility to exercise and another played tennis regularly with an NBA coach. He was scheduled for release on Oct. So even prior to specifically betting on the NBA It was subsequently renamed Personal Foul: But Donaghy was sent back to prison in August when he was accused of violating his federal probation by not showing up for work, the U.

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