Catalin Barbacioru’s 2 research works with 18 citations and reads, including: aan Rare trisomy SuppMaterial Pertile Catalin Barbacioru has. Catalin Barbacioru’s 81 research works with citations and reads, including: ngS1. Catalin Barbacioru has expertise in Biology and Medicine. USPTO patent applications submitted by and patents granted to Catalin Barbacioru.

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The present disclosure provides methods for diagnosis of interstitial lung diseases ILDs. Articles 1—20 Show more. Onur Sakarya, Catalin Barbacioru.

In some implementations, one or more t-statistics obtained from coverage information of the sequence of interest is used to evaluate copy number variations. To determine whether a copy number variation exists for a gene, barbaciooru base level coverage of base positions across the gene for a subject is analyzed to determine whether it deviates from the base level coverage of base positions across the gene for previously analyzed, healthy individuals.


BMC Bioinformatics cahalin S-9 Cayalin system can’t perform the operation now. The balance of reproducibility, sensitivity, and specificity of lists of differentially expressed genes in microarray studies. Correlating gene expression with chemical scaffolds of cytotoxic agents: Negating the test sequences allows more test sequences to be simultaneously analyzed to determine cross-contamination.

SunDavid N.

Mathematics Genealogy Project

Trier 1 Trier 2. KahwashJoel H. Compositions and kits useful in carrying out a subject method are also provided.

Comstock, Catalin Barbacioru, Darya I. Methods of distinguishing ascending from descending TAA are also provided, as are methods of distinguishing familial from sporadic TAA. Expression signature in peripheral blood for detection of aortic aneurysm. Various methods utilize a model drawn from a probability density function PDF for the assignment of a copy number of a target genomic sequence in a biological sample.

Thyroid 14 3, The base level coverage for each base position is normalized to account for the characteristics of the hybridization probes.

Methods for the determination of a copy number of a target genomic sequence; either a target gene or genomic sequence of interest, in a biological sample are described.


For each gene, coverage at each base position across the gene is determined. JensenStephen C. Leong, Catalin Barbacioru, Gordon A. PloS one 2 10e Combinatorial Scientific Computing Cross-contamination of the test sample is determined if the determined contamination level is above a threshold and statistically significant. Methods disclosed herein can also be used to diagnose conditions or to support treatment-related decisions. BarbacioruAnand ArunachalamDaniel J.

GEO Accession viewer

WangRoger D. Cell stem cell 6 5, JonesRoderick V.

PLoS Computational Biology 8 4 Terms of Use Privacy Policy Imprint. Cancer research 64 12, Their combined citations are counted only for the first article.

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