1–1. 1. Product Description. The Compaq Evo Notebook Nc and Nc Series offer Section for palm rest removal instructions. If you are removing a. Compaq, Evo, and the Compaq logo are trademarks of Compaq Information . The Compaq Evo Notebook Nc Series offer advanced instructions. Manuals and user guide free PDF downloads for Compaq Evo nc – Notebook PC.

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Compaq Evo n400c – Notebook PC Reference Manual

If the optional external battery pack xompaq the only power source, initiate Hibernation. To save your preferences and exit Device Options, press 4. To connect USB devices for which the device manufacturer does not provide special drivers, you need an operating system with USB support, such as Windows 98 or Windowspreinstalled by Compaq.

Troubleshooting Printed information from Compaq Diagnostics or a list of the devices and error messages received Configuration settings, including contents of the system files The following tables list possible problems, the possible cause of each problem, and the recommended solutions Page 61 In addition, the availability and location of drive bays in the system varies by model and configuration, and the availability, location, and sequencing of PCI slots in a docking base also varies by model and configuration.

Plug the printer end of the printer signal cable into the printer. To select a preset battery conservation level, choose among High—Maximizes running time from a single charge.

To release the PC Card eject button, press the button once 1. Computer Upgrades and Add-ons 4. Keyboard and Pointing Devices For procedures on programming the Easy Access buttons, refer to the online help file. As you remove screws from the computer, place them away from the work area to prevent loss.


Compaq Evo N400c Hardware Manual

Initiates and exits Suspend. Caring for Drives Drives are fragile computer components that must be handled with care. To operate the TouchPad, slide your finger across its surface in the direction you want to move the cursor, and click the left or right button to make a selection or complete an activity. Infrared Connection Guidelines External Device Connections Infrared Connection Guidelines Be sure the infrared ports on both devices are turned on and facing each other at a distance no greater than 1.

Do not point one of the ports more than 30 degrees plus or minus 15 degrees off the center line away from the infrared port of the device you are connecting with.

Unscrew the large end of the drive cable from the parallel port on the rear of the computer. While this feature is enabled: Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Compaq Evo nc – Notebook PC Manual

Turn off the printer. If a memory board is already installed, remove it. Memory module may be faulty.

Hardware Guide Audio and Video 6— Insert a straightened paper clip into the manual eject hole and push firmly. To eject the PC Card, press the button a second time.

Don’t show me this message again. Hold the PC Card label side up with the connector facing the computer. Enabling Bootable Media and Devices for MultiBoot The computer can start by default from the following media and devices: Remove the T8 screws securing the palm rest.


Hotkeys Keyboard and Pointing Devices To disable this feature, press the that the feature has been disabled, rather than enabled, no beep sounds. Do ebo insert the hard drive while the computer is on, in Suspend Standbyor in Hibernation. Insert the back edge of the battery pack into the battery bay 3.


Do not unplug the computer from the electrical outlet Do not shut down the computer. For additional instructions, refer to the Help contents within CardWare. These devices include hubs and keyboards. Hardware Guide A Look at the Computer 2— To insert the external battery pack, turn the computer bottom side up. Computer Upgrades and Add-ons Removing A Memory Expansion Board To remove a memory expansion board from the memory slot in the memory compartment or system board, follow the instructions to access the memory slot, then: Insert or remove the external battery pack: Battery Packs To remove the battery pack, turn the computer bottom side a.

The computer serial port is disabled when the computer is connected to the MEU. Plug the power cord into the AC Adapter 2 and into an electrical outlet 3. The computer contains a hard drive compartment that supports only the hard drive and allows you to store and access data. The TouchPad buttons for function or application selection. Docking release button Releases the MEU from the computer by pressing the right side button. Connecting a Microphone When connecting a device to the microphone jack:

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