Variants. R Crotale. HQ-7 (Chinese Variant). R SICA (Shahine). Crotale NG. Crotale Mk Role and Mobility, Short-Range Air and. Crotale NG (New Generation). It appeared in It is a much redesigned version of the basic Crotale. Missiles have a range of 11 km, maximum speed of. Series Model Variants • Crotale R – Base Variant • Crotale NG – Next Generation upgraded version • Crotale – Modernized Crotale launcher system.

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Crotale Short-Range Air Defense Missile System |

The Crotale can also use surveillance data from other systems, data from optical surveillance and from the general aerial picture from the national air defence communications system. It gives the missile crotaale maximum speed of Mach 2. Development of Shahine Variant Begins William Van Cleave Dr. Dodgen Admiral Wayne E.

It can only tell you whether something is flying according to the flight plan. These are supported by a host of maintenance and support vehicles. The radar surveillance vehicle can be connected to several launcher vehicles, in order to achieve an effective air-defence system. The ACU can detect up to 30 targets and track 12 targets simultaneously.

It has additional television channel, that resulted in enhanced acquisition and tracking. A specific version of the Crotale designed for Saudi Arabia with a specialized carrier. Detection range is Retrieved 27 June However mobility of this vehicle is rather limited. The question is even more pertinent today coming just after France and Finland issued a joint declaration calling for a common European strategy on defence cooperation. However, the achievements of the system impressed the French Armed Forceswho purchased the system both for the air force and for the navy.

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First Chinese clone was produced for testing in The turret system is adaptable to a variety of chassis types. A standard missile is 3 m long and weights The system has new surveillance radar. Where applicable, the appearance of U. A second vehicle carries the surveillance radar.

Priorities for Missile Defense Development and U. Video of the Crotale short-range air defense missile system Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Crotale (missile)

It takes about 5 minutes to launch missiles from travelling. III is the latest in the Crotale line and began testing around – this version is capable of engaging smaller drone aircraft with accuracy. This vehicle detects targets, tracks them, identifies targets, identifies weather it is friend or foe.

The target detection and acquisition systems are completely automated to achieve the fastest response time by the crew.

Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. In its most recent upgrade, the Crotale NG New Generationfeatures a state of the art thermal camera that provides the Finnish Defence Forces with a dependable real-time image in daylight or at night. The Crotale missile system consists of two components; a vehicle for transport, equipped with launchers, a tracking radar is located between the launchers.


Thales Group Samsung Group. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It carries 4 missiles and is fitted with engagement radar. The Crotale NG provides a powerful defense against air-based attacks. The Crotale has been produced in a number of variants. Navy Crotale Becomes Operational Research Cdotale Recent News. It is in service with 15 countries.


Retrieved from ” https: Missile has been improved. Archived from the original on 27 July It has a further enhanced tracking capability by an added automatic television track capability. Vandal Senator John S.

Crotale: How the leader in air defence missile systems keeps its edge

Production of the R Concluded The Crotale is a point defense system, designed to protect high value targets, such as airfields, military bases, ammunition depots, and so on. The system was developed during the late s. Thales Air Defence, Bagneux, France. This air defense system still evolves and remains in crotaale for more than 40 years.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? The Crotale NG has the engagement and acquisition radars carried by the same unit, hence every single TELAR vehicle is capable of crotxle operation. Other marks have included the HQ-7 Chinese reverse-engineered model then copied by the Iranians.

How the leader in air defence missile systems keeps its edge. Bush Lieutenant General Thomas S. Issues of Development and Integration”.

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