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And just need a bit of If you were successful, I suppose the next step for someone would be to resolder each component one at a time The strange thing is that Toshiba designers have not followed the maxim recommendation of using the max in the final product.

As you have already dismantled the machine, take it as the oppurtunity to clean up all the mating points. When the power adapter is attached or the battery is inserted the max will always receive power and therefor it will not reset a previusly detected error condition – even if the error condition has been releaved. I can almost smell the soldering irons heating up across the world as we speak Let us know if it’s not too much trouble how the machine operates over the next several days.

I haven’t taken apart a TT22 in quite some time, but remember datsheet, it is quite similar to the T23, which I have done many times All voltages must disappear before an error condition will be cleared. I have just taken out the 2nd board I was sent which failed after 7hrs use in order to send it back to the supplier along with the first one which lasted 2hrs before dying and giving an error Enough for me to tell whether the board is on nax1632 off.

Finding a working board should not be a problem.

For myselves, I have the problem with a T21 board. I stripped it down and checked the connector board along the back of my case and all the joints seemed fine and the micro switches all worked fine. Also I bought a new battery for datasheett and repleced the bios battery and ran memory tests using PC doctor repeatedly and all passed even while shaking the laptop around in the air.


D over hundred Attemps during several days showed no symptom of bod; Nearly convinced that is was ok i powered it up before writing a mail to the owner. One cannot datasheett days between each measurement. Bought a T22 base, including the mainboard, described as “in excellent condition and fully functional”.

By reading the datasheet for the max, I have discovered that maxim actually did anticipate, that it would be impossible for designers to design boards with this chip, as designers would not be able to measure what was going on, if their experiments would not turn out as expected.

The chip actually found in this Toshiba machine is a max – the one without the protection circuitry. At that speed, a multimeter cannot visualize what is happening. These devices feature a logic-controlled and synchroniz. A side note here – I am currently working on a Toshiba made in I have done a bit more looking at this and from what I can see the schematic for the ADP on the back page of its datasheet does not agree with the T20 circuit in that the SD pins are not tied together.

This reduces noise and RF interference. I have a strong feeling that it will be possible to keep the max running by removing the cpu. Excellent dynamic response corrects output load transients caused by the latest dynamic-clock CPUs within five kHz clock cycles. And I decided that I wold like to upgrade the dataaheet in it. Seems I’m not the only one who can’t leave problems alone.

MAX Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

My last experiment was to replace the adp EBay is obviously not the right answer. I hope that no one will disaggre, when I am stating it as a fact, that it is the max chip that is detecting something as an error and initiating the shutdown. The max does have the protection circuitry, the max does not.


While the adp chip was removed, I could get power on the board. This points to an intermittent problem with a part or a connection to a component on the motherboard. I just bought a defect T40 on ebay earlier today. Anyways, guess it wont help to replace the Mobo, since it seems like that the Maxim chip is causing the problem and not just a defect mobo? Does anyone think that cause maybe related to the CPU?

Sometime they would work, mostly they did not.

And that being now, where I think I might have found the answer to your original question. Well you can probably already guess what happened Did you just heat up the solder points enough to reflow it or did you remove it with a desolder braid and resolder?

MAX Datasheet(PDF) – Maxim Integrated Products

I would still like to know though. Do I buy yet another motherboard or am I wasting my time? Strong 1A on-board gate drivers ensure fast external. A defective RC network could indeed be the ultimate problem catasheet check the resistors as well. It seems that you have documented this issue a little bit more than anybody else around here.

MAX1632 Datasheet

It is the only chip I have found that is capable of turning the machine completely off. No registered users and 3 guests. I am convinced that ibm has also used a mixim chip for powerup sequencing in the newer thinkpad models, but I am wondering which one.

Concerning the schematics I would say, that I have not really missed them here. Having examined the other Mobo’s i was sent, I could see that they were not new and had been resoldered in a few power related places and i think that this random failing is most probably not helped by the fact that companies are reselling reconditioned faulty boards.

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