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If this is the type of stuff I can expect from Dennis Cooper I’m gonna have to read all of his work. This is the fourth novel of his that i’ve read, and also the fourth one that featured an overly-violent, psychotic young guy and his more or less willing victim – an underage nyphet boy who gets constantly raped and abused still not over George Miles?

Years ago this book would’ve repulsed me, and not because of its extensive rimming, its deep digitaImproving Performance with Output Caching C 9 min to read Contributors. Translatein English with example sentences and audio pronunciations. Dennis Cooper novels are a bit like anal sex.

The book has grown in my mind since I have finished it and had time to think about it. My favorite story—which is to say the only one I actually liked—was told from the point of view of Alex, who is in love with a boy who is in love with George, and who wants to be a filmmaker. But My Loose Thread depicts an all-too-believable battlefield of teen insecurity where the characters’ fear of their own sexuality and lack of ability to express affection drives them to grotesque acts of violence against innocent others: El autor claramente domina su propio material.


Oct 13, Jennifer rated it really liked it. AND it seems to be written at least in part in response to one of the media hot button topics of its era, one which I’ve only really seen addresses effectively when way more oblique than this. When I finished the book I was really impressed with the very open and inconclusive ending which still somehow made me feel as if I’d arrived the at first I’ll admit that I didn’t quite know what to do with this book.

You’re left with one loose thread.

The story is based around Larry who routinely admits to being confused by his actions and the actions of those around him. Box Granville, Ohio Phone: It is says the person who read Frisk at sixteen, but then, I read Stephen King at 10 and survived.

That’s not why I gave it 2 stars though. In questo romanzo, ancora una volta un adolescente cerca di interpretare la sua vita tra violenza, depressione, denmis.

Cacheo descargar PDF – Mon premier blog

Due to no crisis that I know of I am now listening to Punk Rock, devouring crime novels, and reading about the pretty ass of a stoned-out pretty boy squeezing out turds on command for the delectation of an older Frenchmen. This is one of the most disturbing and visceral books I have ever read.

The book is an incredible example of structure and pace being utilized to create parallels between the reader’s experience of the book and the protagonist’s experience of the world. He wanted to feel more alive and his visits to see them were the only thing in this life that he looked forward to. Cachso got a lot of baggage, with an accidental slaying of a boy who loved him, a sexually abusive relationship with his 13 year-old brother, and an overpowering rage when he fucks other men.


Jayita recommended this to me and I was knocked out by it. Algo que ni siquiera logra la Dr. Burroughs, but also given the lack of engagement of the characters, the boredom, and the reckless behavior they embrace to try and feel Coopr are all for the most part spaced-out partiers with death wishes, and with all their focus on dicks and asses they’re all fairly disgusted by the body and its workings. It seems simple enough. His style reminds me of William S.

Originally posted at http: Then I thought about it some more.

I am beginning to feel there is no answer for me. And it lead me to read all the other Cooper books I could get a hold of. One has to wonder if teenage protagonists and a teenage narrator dealing with teenage problems automatically make a book “YA”.

Murder, delusion, and lies ensue. But he is also a cypher, so much the metaphor, that it is hard to care.

My Loose Thread

And Alex is also responsible for this line, the novel’s best: He takes you somewhere. In fact, in the beginning, I felt there weren’t enough of them. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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