Die “Autistischen Psychopathen” im Kindesalter. Front Cover. Hans Asperger. na, – QR code for Die “Autistischen Psychopathen” im Kindesalter. Die „Autistischen Psychopathen” im Kindesalter. Authors: Hans Asperger. Publication date (Print): June Journal: Archiv für Psychiatrie und. Based on the review of Asperger’s Autistische Psychopathie, from first .. Asperger H. Die “autistischen Psychopathen” im kindesalter.

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Is anorexia nervosa a version of autism spectrum disorders? Asperger’s Syndrome and High Achievment: On the whole, adaptation succeeds better than one would expect given the severe problems in childhood, and fails almost only in those cases where intelligence is low.

It is a public secret that the world’s greatest minds tend to be sexual deviants, as expressed in sayings like “Once a philosopher, twice a pervert”, or Hoe groter de geest, hoe groter het beest Netherlandic for “The greater the mind, the greater the beast”.

Perspectives for Future Research The subthreshold autism spectrum model we suggest is meant to encompass both threshold- and subthreshold-level manifestations of autism, with a focus on mild and atypical symptoms, behavioral features and personality traits.

On the contrary, AD-associated impairment of social interaction and restricted interests are less pervasive compared to Schizophrenia.

Die „Autistischen Psychopathen” im Kindesalter – ScienceOpen

Asperger’s remark that in many cases there is a failure to adapt to society is elsewhere in his paper qualified by stating that societal adaptation often does come about eventually uatistischen adulthood, as a result of professional achievement. Similarly, recent autistichen also suggests rates as high as 7. The speech lacks affect expression via intonationand even if it contains intonation this is random or idiosyncratic modulation rather than expression. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

The Guilford Press; This is an open access articles licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 4. Autistic social impairment in the siblings of children with pervasive developmental disorders. They may never in their life have normal sexual relations or achieve a healthy, mature sexuality that is harmonically integrated with the kineesalter.


They often do not answer a question directly; it may be hard to get through to them. Psycyopathen having learnt a skill or formed a habit, their compulsive nature makes them stick to it rigidly.

On such basis, while wondering whether autistischen psychopathie could represent a partial schizophrenic predisposition, Asperger highlighted the stability of the clinical picture throughout childhood, adolescence and at least early adulthood and the good social prognosis, meaning that most individuals were able to use their special skills to obtain employment and that some who had especially high levels of ability were able to follow careers in, for example, science and mathematics [ kidnesalter ].

Someone so deviant is, on the unaware tribal level, not recognized as a member of the own tribe by the normal instinct-driven children. The young adult generally lacks a sense of humor and kinddsalter not understand jokes, especially those targeting him.

Clin Pract Epidemiol Ment Health. Because of the lack of interpersonal competence, since childhood these subjects avoid social contacts, often showing school maladjustment, conflicts with their family, teachers and peers, loneliness and isolation.

Three diagnostic approaches to Asperger syndrome: German View all editions and formats.

Asperger’s article summarized

This is probably a condition that disposes not only for science or art, but also for spirituality or occultism, depending on one’s further character and cultural environment.

The latter is not a formal diagnosis though; there is just “Asperger’s disorder” and “Autistic disorder”. They may be asexual or without interest in sex, and remain so into adulthood, or, in the majority of cases, have a disturbed, deviant sexuality like fetishism or homosexuality which becomes expressed from an early age on, often without shame and in an exhibitionistic manner. Int J Meth Psy. Attention problems and hyperactivity are regular parts of the condition as seen in the meant group of children.


Positive aspects of autism, such as savant skills, are neglected as well [ 36 ].

Asperger’s 1944 article summarized

Home About Help Search. They may also display a deep insight in art, and the capability of self-observation and self-knowledge. Psychiatric and psychosocial problems in adults with normal-intelligence autism spectrum disorders. The traits of the condition are recognizable from the second year of life onward, and are lifelong.

The cognitive basis of a biological disorder: The speech may be monotonous, singing, high-pitched, staccato, soft and distant, excessively modulated, inappropriately loud, like a caricature of degenerated nobility, etcetera.

They may be touchingly attached to animals or things, but highly indifferent and cruel toward humans, especially those closest to them.

As a general observation, Asperger says one can not assess each aspect of the personality in isolation, as they influence each other such that the whole is more than the sum of parts, and one therefore has to observe them in combination in the individual, not in a formal test situation but in the individual’s own environment and daily activities. In other cases, cognitive and pragmatic deficits in everyday activities, such as house cleaning, preparing meals, driving, may be associated with unconventional and creative thinking, that leads to outstanding performances in restricted fields.

This latter includes an important retrieval of the European classical psychopathological concepts of adult autism to which Hans Asperger referred in his work. Eventually, upon the neurodevelopmental perspective recently suggested [ 910 ], we argue that such autistic dimension may underlie and favor most mental disorders and be the expression of a psychopathological liability [ 6 ].

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