Welcome to eBeam Classic Projection Support. Get Started. Quick Set Up · Bluetooth Set Up. Show all / Hide all. fold faq. How do I set up eBeam Projection?. Interactive Whiteboard Projection USB , Interactive Whiteboards, eBeam, Front Projection, Portable Projector gives students power to interact with . eBeam Classic Projection BT eBeam Classic Projection is a compact, portable, and easy to use device that turns your wall or whiteboard into an interactive.

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Click HERE to clsssic out an online request form for technical assistance. When you plug the eBeam into one of the ports, the receiver becomes available on the network and can be connected to any computer with eBeam software on it.

To find out which firmware version your receiver is using, check out the firmware support page. Its flagship product, Edge, transforms whiteboard into a collaborative workspace and users can mark up anything projected from a computer. Use projeection flat surface Already have a high quality whiteboard? Interact is available for both Windows and Mac.

Welcome to eBeam Classic Projection Support

Please have the following information ready before you call:. You can even share meetings between the two.

How do I change the function that are currently programmed to the Ineractive Stylus buttons? The eBeam Scrapbook includes content sharing and collaboration features.

Its battery life is over 60 hours that only consumes power whilst you are writing.

Luidia Inc.: Download

The eBeam Projection is a compact, portable, and easy to use device that turns any whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard. The most important thing to keep in mind regarding the eBeam system is to make sure that your whiteboard isn’t too recessed into a frame.

The minimum active capture area is 17 x 11 inches 43 x 28 cm. Handwriting Recognition IncludesMyScript’s Handwriting Recognition tool for inputting text while up at the screen- saves countless trips back to your keyboard…. If you are currently using a Bluetooth enabled eBeam Projection, visit the Bluetooth support page in order to learn how to set up the receiver on your computer’s specific operating system.


If you are connected through Bluetooth this ring will glow blue. If you are connected through Bluetooth this ring will glow blue. Terms and Conditions may apply Company has the right to change specifications without any prior notification. From distance learning to remote brainstorming to cross-platform sharing, eBeam has you connected.

When you are using a projector, you will use the electronic stylus with the eBeam Education software. The eBeam Interact software includes a free sharing feature that allows students to use their own computers to join in the lesson.

The company is headquartered in the Silicon Valley. Use any digital projector eBeam Projection works with any digital projector – large or small, any brightness and any resolution. The marker pens are designed to work with eBeam Capture or other eBeam Whiteboard software. It plugs into your network with a standard network cable and provides four standard USB ports.

Handwriting Recognition Leave your keyboard at home. The second most important thing is to have a surface rigid enough to activate the pen.

Keepad Interactive: eBeam Interactive White Board Solutions – eBeam Projection

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered, our support team can help you get the answers you need. The work can be saved and e-mailed to meeting participants and shared in real time on the Internet or on local networks. You can find the latest updates for the drivers here.

Did we mention innovative tool palettes? The maximum active capture area supported is 96 x 60 inches x cm.

Welcome to eBeam Classic Projection Support. We’ll update your product price as you make your selections. Most manufacturers claim that you can connect up to four active extension cables, plus the original device cable, for a total of approximately 80 feet. To mount using the mounting plate or suction cup plate: Since the eBeam system is equipped with a digital signal processor, it can be upgraded with new firmware.

  IEC 60169-1 PDF

The minimum active capture area is 17 x 11 inches 43 x 28 cm. If you’re starting from scratch, though, and are looking for a new board, the most important decision-maker is your own personal preference. My question hasn’t been answered. It plugs into your network with a standard network cable and provides four standard USB ports. You can participate in a meeting by downloading eBeam software even if you don’t have your own eBeam receiver.

Mimio manufactures the most popular Interactive Systems. The supplied eBeam Scrapbook software comes with a built-in meeting feature to conduct meetings with anyone in the world. USB powered and self powered. An interactive stylus pfojection behaves like a mouse. Just plug it in, aim it at the wall, and click a few targets to calibrate the eBeam with your image. Interact is available for both Windows and Mac.

There are three suggested methods to extend the eBeam receiver’s connection to the computer. For a fully interactive classroom or conference room experience, eBeam Complete can be paired with products such as the eBeam Focus Document Camera and the eBeam Inscribe Prljection Tablet. Check your firmware projecyion and upgrade as necessary. This Product has been discontinued and replaced by eBeam Edge Projection.

The smaller bottom button is used to hide and display the Tool Palette in the projection image area.

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