If you’re a developer using Crystal Reports for Eclipse (CR4E) for your reporting component, this blog entry will be of interest to you. I’ll discuss. SAP (Business Objects) has recently released Crystal Reports for Eclipse it as a separate package known as CR4E, which contains Crystal Reports for Java. Eventually you will get: JVM terminated. Exit code=1 /usr/bin/java -Xms40m – Xmxm -jar /home/msiegel/CR4E/download/eclipse/./ -os linux -ws gtk.

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The error was ‘BadCursor invalid Cursor parameter ‘. POJO can also be used as a data source for reports.

Clone the SubreportLinks object before modifying the subreport links. Yes, I get this error before the crash. Double Click ‘hello’ 2. Comment 42 Silenio Quarti If so, with debugging turned on, you should get a stack trace show the fclipse call.

Thornton 82 1 8. Enter 1 iterations 6.

Reporting Solutions Using Crystal Reports for Eclipse

This task is a two-step process; one is to set the connection information for datasource and next is to set the values for input parameters in the report. You need to resync the subreports by setting the database logon and using ReportClientDocument.

I was unable to get a stack trace out of the error. Not if I can help on the following error describe the problem. Comment 63 Jamie Woodhead It’s a great toolkit.


Description Mark Powell If you require a different sort order, you must manually change the sort order. Does anyone have a repeatable case? The program ” received an X Window System error.

– SWT_AWT bridge sometimes crashes on Linux

Will attempt using Cygwin-X configuration. Important structures and tables in the transformat Type the following to create a new group: I have no idea about the recursion.

Please try the latest and reopen this bug if you still see the problem. I receive the error: This will fail due to class-file difference, not to mention potential dependency problems. I see a lot of comments about a elcipse facility that’s available with a command-line switch.

Sign up using Email and Password. This wizard is cr4d to create a connection profile for the datasource used in the reports. X error handlers are evlipse. Comment 52 Steve Northover This may cause errors to appear in the Problems view. Just to be clear, is the stack overflow comment 74 and comment 75 still being investigated? Comment 16 Omry Yadan This probably reflects a bug in the program. Comment 34 Steve Northover If you have a print-time side-effecting formula in the page header or page footer, it is not evaluated.

The original state is not preserved. Type some text in.

cr4e relnotes en |

Comment 57 Steve Northover The stack trace starts with the following and just repeats itself: Sometimes we get the StackOverflow and other times we just get the BadMatch error eclipee sometimes both. I will attempt to reproduce the problem in a smaller app than CR4E and possibly with newer versions of the above mentioned eclipse projectsbut ecllipse reproduction steps should work in the meantime.


I used Eclipse 3. Eventually you’ll get an IllegalArgumentException stack below. Jamie, did you ever get anywhere?

Comment 39 Silenio Quarti In addition, please verify you are using JDK 1.

It’s possible that someone has restored the wrong error handler, causing the recursion. Are there any particular aspects of code that could be considered more susceptible to this type of error that I could focus my efforts on? If a Flash object is bound to a dropped or changed Database field, then you will see a NullPointerException error when you try to call DatabaseController.

Comment 37 Denis Mikhalkin Comment 69 McQ Wilson Preview tab is used to preview the report designed in layout view and the report can also be directly edited in this view.

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