: Geology of Petroleum.: Near Fine in Very Good DJ: The Book shows the former owner’s rubberstamped address at the upper corner of the rear . Levorsen, A.I. () Geology of Petroleum. 2nd Edition, W. H. Freeman and Company, San Franciso, CA. It honors the memory of a truly great scientist, petroleum geologist, and teacher. Levorsen’s Geology of Petroleum is a classic; a model. By A.I. Levorsen.

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The Plover, Petrel Frigate and Echuca Shoals formations source rocks in the wells Chuditch petroluem and Heron 1, except for the Flamingo Formation in the well Chuditch 1, had higher gas and oil expelling efficiencies than the Plover Formation source rock of the wells in the Sunset-Loxton Shoals field.

The Geologic History of Petroleum. The Flamingo, and the Echuca Shoals formations source rocks in the same field were a fair and good hydrocarbon generation potential respectively, and both reached mid-mature oil window. Nowadays, the main migration pathways are from the southeastward and southward of the Sunset-Loxton Shoals field, and from southward and eastward of the Chuditch field, precisely from the hydrocarbon source kitchens of the Malita Graben depocentre.

In the Malita Graben depocentre, the Petrel Frigate and the Echuca Shoals formations source rocks were a poor-to-very good hydrocarbon generating potential, and had attained wet gas window at the present day. A commemorative edition reprint of the classic volume originally published inthis book remains a useful reference resource for working petroleum geologists as well as students.


Citing Books via Google Scholar. Reservoir Traps — General and Structural Doi:. Based on the structural evolution of the northern Levoesen Basin, data from the wells Loxton Shoals 1, Sunset 1 and Chuditch 1 in the Sahul Platform and Heron 1 in the Malita Graben depocentre, and the Seismic Line N were used to clarify the geological conditions and reconstruct the hydrocarbon accumulation processes in the study area.

Sign In or Create an Account. In the Chuditch field, the hydrocarbon migration to the Plover Formation sandstone reservoir was initiated during the Levorswn Miocene at 7.

Reservoir Conditions — Pressure and Temperature Doi:. These areas are located respectively km and km northwest of Darwin in the northern Bonaparte Basin, Australia.

The Plover Formation source rock was a poor-to-good hydrocarbon generative petropeum and reached the middle to late mature oil window in the Sunset-Loxton Shoals field whereas in the Chuditch field, it was an overall fair-to-good hydrocarbon generative potential, and attained the Late mature oil window.

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American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

Geology of Petroleum

The traps in the Sahul Platform have been effective to receive the migrated hydrocarbon. American Association of Petroleum Geologists Foundation. Read more Read less.


The Reservoir Rock Doi:. The Reservoir Pore Space Doi:. The Petroleum Prospect Doi:.

American Association of Petroleum Geologists Published: Migration and Accumulation of Geolohy Doi:. Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. The Petroleum Province Doi:. It covers the basics of reservoirs, including reservoir rock, pore space, fluids, traps, and mechanics, as well as describing the origin of petroleum and the migration and accumulation of petroleum.

Geology of Petroleum by A.I. Levorsen –

The Middle Jurassic Plover Formation sandstone reservoir in the Sunset-Loxton field was a poor-to-very good quality and potential for gas beds, and it was a very poor-to-very good quality and potential for gas beds in the Chuditch field.

The Origin of Petroleum Doi:. Introduction and Summary Doi:.

The Occurrence of Petroleum Doi:. W h ither the Full Season: Reservoir Traps continued — Stratigraphic and Fluid Doi:.

Geology of Petroleum | GeoScienceWorld Books | GeoScienceWorld

Geology of Petroleum Levorswn. The intensities of gas generation and expulsion were more than of oil ones either in the Sahul Platform or in the Malita Graben. BasinMod 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D software was used for modeling.

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