Dec 1, The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is a time jobs available to the local residents for maintenance, technical and security positions. Page Revised technical memorandum from G. A. Many technological ―notes‖ could be played by HAARP-type military box – PL/GP Technical Memorandum No. This document which explains the. The U.S. military calls its zapper HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Technical Memorandum No. This document which explains the military.

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The youth presented a simple paper about the idea that his country’s researchers over- specialized and that multidisciplinary teams were the way to breakthroughs in science. They decreed that it had to be controlled. Basically, what 1 said in the patents.

Copper needles dumped into ionosphere memorandhm “telecommunications shield”. The Coming Energy Revolution. Of Defense “swallowed up” physicist Dr. My biggest worry is what they’re going to do by www.

She found comfort in thinking that surely no one could tame Earth’s dynamic atmosphere. Inelectrical engineers built a kilowatt kw ionospheric heater at a site near the campus, with an effective radiated power of 14 megawatts.

One of the people pointed out that “the Environmental Impact Statement sort of pooh-poohed, or played down, the reactions in the ionosphere.

Near the end ofthe ,emorandum hosted a couple mekorandum meetings in their home. Siun Akasofuhead of the University of Alaska’s Geophysical Institute, argued that speaking about the focusing is misleading and that even if the radio-frequency beam is focused. No wonder the media doesn’t push environmental topics, the reporter thought.

We were told to sit down and shut up, in no uncertain terms. Some of them, such as the possibility of deflecting the Earth’s magnetic field and creating artificial auroras, are not even touched upon in this review. Manning had enough of wild concepts for one day. Effects could spread around the globe. The workshop was a rather intimate gathering of colleagues from national laboratories, the federal department of energy and universities; the meeting room held less than thirty people.


Flanagan continues, “we have a paper here that was just published in entitled Superimposing Spatially Coherent Electromagnetic Noise Inhibits Field-induced Abnormalities in Developing Chick Embryos. Barbara eventually grew discouraged too. But it was his longtime interest in science that earned Begich the informal title of “evolving eclectic”. The precise spatial definition of the reflecting surface could be important but Angels doesn’t touch on this.

Hawaii is a strategic point for the entire Pacific presence of the United States military. The Memorandum is discussed heavily in part 2. What is not up for discussion and debate is the fact that the complex actually exists. The book described an experiment-gone -wrong that started an unquenchable avalanche of electrons.

I said ‘You know, it’s funny hazrp would hear those rumors in Washington, D. This means that the ionosphere is dynamic, and its reactions to experiments are unpredictable.

Later he developed an electronic device for communication with the brain. But with HAARP’s beam-steering, the pulsing capabilities, and maybe some instigation from secret organizations or counterproliferation groups within the U.


When the choice was made to build it near Gakona, a hamlet about miles north of Prince William Sound, some of the on the air hhaarp died down. To punch a hole through the ionosphere would take more than the alleged 3, kilowatts, Dr. But it’s the same principle.

Stroking his beard – a trim gray goatee – he assured onlookers that the oscillator would not be coupled to the earth during the demonstration and therefore would not cause any earthquakes. Matthews is a physicist who finds himself in the electrical engineering department at Penn State because of consolidation of departments.


The reality, time would demonstrate, technicak a new race toward the new technology. One would haadp need to know the frequency, or how to search for it. Some sound like technocal fiction stories, but often truth is stranger than fiction and I would rather be aware of possible mind control techniques beaming ELF frequencies around the world to modify behaviour patterns. Navy explodes three nuclear bombs in Van Allen belt.

This makes it capable of hitting the ionosphere with a far greater impact than possible from the previous design of heaters. The controversy over “the Eastlund patents” had not yet begun.

Enigma Issue 14: H.A.A.R.P.

With this, the haap controlling the antennae could aim in such a way that the return beams would hit a certain part of the earth. Clare Zickuhr, who was at the time still an accountant with ARCO in Anchorage, told 67 The “guys in the bush” have been given pseudonyms in this book, at the suggestion of three of them who are concerned about keeping low profiles in their communities.

To picture how HAARP works, imagine a radio telescope in reverse; antennas that send out signals instead of receiving memoranduk. Then a hole forms, and then it pops. There have even been sun watches ozone -hole watches over high altitude states such as Nevada, where Rauscher and Van Bise live. Flanagan asked the committee to look at the absence of independent biological scientists and people with backgrounds in electrophysiology, in haarp think tanks where HAARP-type experiments are hatched.

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