os Hit Hangjai Erdélyi énekeskönyv után érdeklődnék kedves -és mennyiért tudnám beszerezni az se baj,ha nem új:). ?v=cMXzZ1gf8R0 ÚJ SZÍVET ADJ, URAM, ÉNNEKEM. ?v=Yz4DKupRntM JÉZUS, TÉGED KERESLEK, BÉKESSÉGRE VÁGYVA.

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Two Song Thrushes Tver Region.

Sounds of the KLIToris// A KLITorisz hang jai – 26/09/2012

Birdsong and rainfall recorded at hangjao in woodland surrounding Whitwell Hall in Norfolk. Binalong Hagnjai, Tasmania, Australia. The air is filled with a rich chorus of nocturnal insects. Water drips inside one of the Yucatan’s cenotes, and the call of a motmot carries from the forest outside. Sabangau Rainforest, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. An unusual perspective of a flowing river – recorded underwater using hydrophones.

As the rain eases, the wildlife becomes active again. Vocalizations from an alpha male ‘silverback’ Mountain Gorilla and some of the females in the group.

Short history of the Hungarian Baptist Church | Istorie Evanghelica

Mount Gibson, Western Australia. The ambient “roar” you’ll hear is the sound of gentle night breezes swishing through the treetops of large Red Pines nearby.

Moody recording from the mountains of Croatia – rain falling in a forest with crackling, grumbling thunder. Evening on Lake Langano Lake Langano. As the last birds sing and settle down, tiny Jungle Owlets awake with soft calls. Agile Gibbons can be heard singing in the background along with the occasional chattering calls of Banded Langur. Listen to the abundant birdlife as the waves hit the shore in the background.


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Drew’s Famous More Party Music – Drew’s Famous | Similar | AllMusic

Excellent recording of a thunderstorm and rain, with nice detail of the thunder. One of the most mesmerizing and haunting sounds of the Australian bush is the wind blowing through the leaves of the She-oak or Casuarina.

Madidi National Park, Bolivia. Nuthatch, European Robin, Blackbird, woodpecker sp. The reverberation is amazing. Western Banjo Frogs Limnodynastes dorsalis are the main species calling, with Motorbike Frog Litoria moorei in the background, and an unknown species calling midway through the recording. Repeatedly says, more or less, “Well, human drivers are less safe. Listen to the pair of Trumpeter Swans fly in at 3: The sounds of waves and insects on an island in the northern part of Costa Rica.

Explore the Home Gift Guide. A Bittern booms from a marsh in the Norfolk Broads, an area of connected rivers and lakes that form one the UK’s most beautiful wetland areas.

A 20 minute sound journey compiled from various recordings made deep in Brazil’s western Amazon rainforest. Early summer in the Serrania de Ronda, Spain, and the Bumblebees are busy collecting pollen from flowering shrubs.

Dispersion in Ice Sheets near Berlin. A Roe Deer can also be heard ‘barking’ in This is one of the mountains, which is dedicated to the ski lift in future. From rocky slopes come the echoes of a Coyote hlt in full cry, while a pair of Great Hot Owls call as they patrol their territory.


Tanami Desert, Northern Territory, Australia.

Crickets and other insects fill the humid night air with their rhythmic pulsing. In the heat of the day, cicadas buzz like tiny electric saws in this Amazonian tropical rainforest. This recording features the sounds of elephants, monkeys, deer and tiger, while birdsong echoes among deep jungles of teak, rosewood and bamboo.

Snares Island, New Zealand. Peruvian Rainforest Dawn Tahuayo Reserve. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Windstorm in the Atacama Desert Atacama Desert. You can hear the raucous calls of Orange-footed Scrubfowl one of Australia’s three species of megapode or mound-builder as well as the unusual wails of Spotted Catbird.

Coming Out Monologues Pics! Lake Mamori, Lago, Brazil. In the tree to the right hut a Nightingale and in the field to the left is a Corn Crake Crex crex. Song of the Skylark Rdeysky Reserve, Novgorodskaya oblast. Lekking Black Grouse Putkilahti. Windy evening at sunset, pond near Lundsford Corner, Arkansas. Silver Bank, Dominican Republic.

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