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The sign Aries looks like a goat while Taurus is akin to a bull. This basis of analysis may be applied to other signs also.

The commencement of this treatise is done with description of zodiacal signs, planets, inferior births, impregnation, birth of human beings etc. The speculum itself hoora the meanings of the present slokas in full. The sign which has the aspect of its lord on it, or which coincides with a good i. Knowldge of arithmetic “Paati”multipliers “Kuttaka”-treated by Brahma Gupta and, algebra “Beeja” is essential in calculating planetary positions and other astronomical phenomena.

The work quoted here does not however specifically bring Mercury in the category of independent benefics.

Hora Ratnam (Set of 2 Volumes)

The concept of planets producing good and bad effects should uora be rejected as the invisible good and bad deeds of the previous birth s are responsible for various effects in the present birth. Importance of a Bhava Lord: Note in whose Trimsam the Sun is at birth.

Sage Vasishta on Nodes: Thus we have to use our common sense and apply the concept behind these profitably. In the body of Time Personified, it occupies the space from shoulders to the end of arms laces of dancing and singing, sculpture, females, places of sports, sexual enjoyment arid amusement come under this sign. The sixth sign is Virgo which is a virgin holding a lamp in her hand and sitting in a boat amidst water.

With a bad planet there in the 10th, he may have thieving tendencies.

Book 11. Hora Ratnam 10 No OCR

This instruction can be used in studying an individual horoscope on the same lines as soul etc. The work Suka Jataka declares that these hra ingredients are born in a person from his soul and the relevant planet will impart its quality upon him. Chapters like Adhana, Nisheka, infantile dangers, life-span etc.


The sign that is aspected or joined by its lord, or the’ one that is aspected by Jupiter or Mercury is ‘deemed to be strong, provided it is bereft of such association with others, so says Varaha Mihira. In case of an even sign, the first. The nodes attained the status of Grahas and were recognized for their effect-giving powers in ancient Indian astrology. There is another set of classification which divides signs into day datnam and night signs.

A weak planet will, destroy the indication assigned to it in the hierarchy. Hence these limbs will be long in this case. The direction ruled by the lord of a sign is declared as favourable for that sign, as per the school of Yavanas.

Gunakara states that alphabets of destiny engraved by Brahma on the foreheads of living beings can be deciphered only by learned astrologers in the context of auspicious and inauspicious effects; but by none else, so observes Bala Bhadra.

The sign Cancer dwells in waters and Leo in mountains. Thus end the views of Deva Kirti. Another famous lexicographer, Raja Radhakanta Deva lived in the 18th century. The expression “Ajadya” is to be understood thus. As per the school of sage Badarayana, the sign that is identical with hra angle is strong.

Book Hora Ratnam 10 No OCR : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

This honesty sadly lacked even in case of many of his compiler-predecessors; not to speak of successors. This way it should be understood for others. Such a sign if chosen as the ascendant in the matter of important travels, one will get success, if not literally destroying enemies as a king. The space after this in Leo is his own sign. In odd signs, the rulers are the SUB and the Meon in order.

It must be understood, Mercury if alone is” also a benefic. Actually, hpra of such a plural term should exactly stop at the deep exaltation degree, which is also plural.


Aquarius is specially known by the term “Hridroga” and is the basic seat of heart diseases as already mentioned.

Bala Bhadra’s Hora Ratnam: With Original Deva Nagari Slokas – Balabhadra – Google Books

The author, Bala Bhadra, chose to discuss threadbare the various implications to justify his object, eligibility to prepare this work and the need for such a work refer to the passage immediately after sloka 10, supra. For example take the present verses.

Scorpio and Cancer are known as crawlers, as well as insect signs. Ganesa, the elephant-faced God and a son of Lord Siva is worshipped ratjam a remover of obstacles in all Hindu rituals and auspicious acts. Keep up the good work guys. Uora Navamsa is of 30 in length.

Venus is swarthy in complexion while Saturn is black. Then occur chapters dealing with Bhava calculations, effects and the like. Apparently, it is only an error copying in Hora Ratnam or a certain version of Saravali The method of calculation of Navathsa is explained below and the rulerships of Navamsa are shown in speculum Even for mentioning rxtnam names of the signs, he honestly quotes the authority as Kalyana Varma and does not pretend to be all-knowing. The measurements given will help us decide the proportion lengths of signs, as shown in speculum The division of signs as masculine, feminine etc.

The 2nd one is on planets. In case of its weakness, harm will ratnxm produced in such pursuits. Quarrels and losses will emanate from such men belonging to the castes indicated by weak planets. The gains indicated should be understood as wealth. Kinsfolk and happiness are governed by the 4th house. Taurus, Pisces, Aries and Aquarius are signs of short ascension.

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