The KODAK Intraoral X-ray system is equipped with a thermal safety system that prevents the generator from overheating in case of intensive use. Product, Model Kodak Intraoral X-Ray System, Catalog Numbers , , , XR — Carestream Health, Inc. Made in France Kodak Intraoral X-Ray System Performance. Operational ease. Safety. The Kodak intraoral x-ray system is designed for performance and safety.

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I have the same problem Can anybody send me the service manual for please my email address: I knew can’t find it anywhere. Ad Statistics Times Displayed: If you find the good value, then check contacts on connecto arm sideintrraoral tube back and check that the resistor reaches the power board by measuring the resistance on the small white connector J6 between black and yellow wire.

Hi, In case you opened the tubehead to change the ceramic resistance that burned due to high voltage spark, the rectifier diodes or capacitors for the multiplier might also be damaged.

Kodak 2200 Kv_error

Can you please help me what to do. December 7, Meeting review: To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. If excessive force is applied, then the ceramic resistor will break in intgaoral December 13, New law seeks to improve access to oral health care for underserved patients.


Advertise Increase Your 200 Awareness. Log in or Register to rate and post a comment. Icons are clearer and easier-to-understand so you can make the ibtraoral with just one glance. With the new system timer, dental professionals can quickly and easily select the most appropriate exposure settings based on the teeth to be examined, the patient size and receptor used. Hinman Dental Meeting, Planmeca USA introduced a certification program designed to encourage dialogue between patients and their dental practitioners on imaging radiation levels.

I opened the tube collect all that oil. Please Mr Faustino can you send me the service manual and im interessed to inyour spare parts can you mail me suissedental gmail. Then insert the assembly gently inside the metal housing, taking care with the position. I drill a 1 mm hole near anode’s contact in the plastic shell of the tube to be sure that all air bubbles are eliminated.

Sometimes the plastic cup bends itself so it pulls up the ceramic resistor. Changes in ABO certification: My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. You mention that person needs a K control panel? Continuous Flow and Accurate Measurement. Equipped with a focal spot of 0.

Can be located anywhere intraorsl close to the tube to outside of the operating room Timer can also be mounted on the wall-framework. Once the old solder removed, the wires soldered back with new solder do not overheat place the high voltage contact spring and insert the high voltage multiplier block inside the plastic cup containing the feedback resistor.


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KODAK intraoral X-ray system is unveiled :Dental Tribune USA

Would be thankful if you could send me the tech manual as well. Hi Faustino, Do you have ceramic resistor 13 Kohm? Complete control The Kodak system is equipped with adjustable tension 60 or 70 kV to accentuate contrast and levels of gray sstem according to your diagnostic needs. December 3, Live Webinar: For next procedure for self-calibration: Wait the end of the self-calibration sequence for about 15 sec. The voltage devider must be immersed in oil completely, no air bubbles present in oil!

Kodak Kv/error – Service Technicians Forum

Limited Ducted Split Systems In addition, the system emits constant radiation to maximize the amount of useful x-rays and significantly reduce the levels of radiation. It will 200 you all error codes with counters.

In this case there’s no high voltage and you have KV error.

Registration Forgot your password? Using PEEK frameworks for full arch implant supported prosthetics. On the power board set the dipswitch 4 of SW2 to ON Switch “ON” the board while maintaining the X-ray switch of the control panel activated until the end of the self-calibration sequence.

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