“Word Bhagavatam comes from sanskrit word Bhagavan weach means God and reffers Kunti stuti katha SB Prayers by Queen Kuntī and Parīkṣit Saved. Recent Posts. (Video) Gita classes in Sanskrit – Dr. K.N. Padmakumar · (Video) # 7 – Kalidasa’s Raghuvamsam – 2nd Sarga – Smt. Vidhya – Shloka 8. ?v=NC3KAGPZg3A https://nivedita

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Kumar Dec 12, Notify me of new comments via email. I consider You the personification of Eternal Time, the Lord without a beginning or an end, the Sankrit One distributing Your mercy everywhere equally among the beings who live in dissent with each other. You Yourself descend to propagate the transcendental science of devotional service unto the hearts of the advanced transcendentalists and sanskritt speculators, who are purified by being able to discriminate between matter and spirit.

Kunti Stuti Part 2 – Anand – S.B. 1.8.22 – 1.8.24

It is always sanskrig to read Queen Kunti prayers. Us, Your intimate friends living by Your mercy alone in dependence on Your lotus feet.

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Kunti Stuti Part 2 – Anand – S.B. – | Vidyaadaanam

And You were afraid, though fear personified is afraid of You. Prayers By Queen Kunti Slokas. How, then, can we women know You perfectly?

Saving us in the past from poison, a great fire, man-eaters, a vicious assembly, sufferings from exile in the forest and against weapons in battles with great generals, You have now fully protected us against the weapon of the son of Drona.


The land of our kingdom will no longer appear as beautiful as it does now, being dazzled by the marks of Your footprints.

Post was not sent styti check your email addresses! Gita Press editions of Puranas are posted at one more place. Those people who take pleasure in continuously hearing, chanting and remembering Your activities, certainly very soon will see Your lotus feet, who put the recurrence of rebirths to an end.

O Soul of the Universe, with Your vital energy taking birth although You are unborn and acting although You are inactive, You manifesting Yourself with the animals, the human beings, the wise and the aquatics, are veritably bewildering.

Covered by the deluding [material] curtain, being irreproachably transcendent and not discerned by the foolish, You are like an actor dressed up as a player.

Join 3, other followers. You possess all mystic powers, and You are the preceptor of the entire universe. See for example, http: Are you leaving us today, though we are completely dependent on Your mercy and have no one else to protect us, now when all kings are at enmity with us?

There are four databases available at Bangalore http: Brahma Purana Sanskrit Text http: Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupadaimportant verses from srimad bhagavatamKrsnakunty uvacamamasye purusam tvadyamO Krsnaoriginal personalityprayers and versesQueen Kuntisloka. O Lord, no one can understand Your transcendental pastimes, which appear to be human and are so misleading. You Yourself descend amongst animals, men, sages and aquatics.

Prayers by Queen Kuntī (Slokas) | The Hare Krishna Movement

In distributing Your mercy, You are equal to everyone. It sutti be very useful to type them for easy searching. My respects for You, who has a lotuslike depression in His abdomen, who is always decorated with lotus flowers, whose glance is as cool as a lotus flower and whose footprints show the mark of lotusflowers. It has one of stutl comprehensive presentation including, Devangari and Roman display verses, word by word meaning, purport.


And o Lordship, You have protected me and my children against a constant threat. Some say that the Unborn is born for the glorification of pious kings, and others say that He is born to please King Yadu, one of Your dearest devotees.

Email Subscription Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The Hare Krishna Cookbook. And yet others say that You appeared for the ones suffering from desire and nescience in the materially motivated world so that they may kuhti in hearing, remembering and worshiping You. Wilson – scanned book 6. And yet others say that You appeared to rejuvenate the devotional service of hearing, remembering, worshiping and so on in order that the conditioned souls suffering from material pangs might take advantage and gain liberation.

My obeisances unto You, the Purusha, the Original Controller of the Cosmos who is invisible and beyond all existing both within and without.

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