Lule Ahmedi, Dr. Ing. EDUCATION. Aug -. April Doctoral studies in computer science at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg,. Germany – Department. University of Prishtina, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Internet, Winter Instructor. Prof. Dr. Lule Ahmedi Consultation hours. Lule Ahmedi’s 36 research works with citations and reads, including: ViziTo: A system for recommending touristic Points of Interest using Bimodal.

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Lule Ahmedi

Arianit Kurti from Lnu Sweden. We describe a global query evaluation strategy based on expressive links among entities that are spread across ah,edi local or remote servers. These latest technologies readily enable numerous ,ule monitoring arrangements like remote, continuous, real-time, and spatially-dense and broad in coverage luule, and identification of long-term trends of parameters of interest.

Invited to contribute to the and Times Higher Education World University Rankings through the Academic Reputation Survey questionarie as a representative of the country and the field of expertise computer science.

Semantic web, XML query and transformation languages, Materialized views on the internet. Personal use of this material is permitted. In addition, ICTs are the main driving engine of innovation in a modern society, and as such should be given the attention they deserve.

Water quality datasets are transmitted at pre-programmed intervals from sensing stations deployed in the river to the server at university via the GPRS network. Although Semantic Web builds on well-established foundations and we are witnessing its expansion across multiple domains, the community has todate been rather keen on building hybrid ontology-based … More. They had the unique chance to hear the latest on the actual topics of ahmei science from presentations by guest speakers from University of Freiburg, as well as from Skopje University and South-East European University ahmedo Macedonia.

Springer International Publishing, Finally, the national background report introduces ICT research priorities on the basis of the country’s readiness, as well as priorities on the basis of future potential.

Ahmedi was among invitees in this meeting which aimed to bring together womens involved in science and innovation in Ahedi, and share their experiences and impression ahedi the role of women in country with regards to research and innovation.

Co-founder of the conference for free and open source software Software Freedom Kosova Conference. The portal is further distinguished for its level of scalability: Abstract Author ranking is growing in popularity since search engines are considering the author’s reputation of a Web page when generating search results. Abstract Semantic technologies have been extensively used for integrating stream data applications. Georg Lausen and Prof.


It is worth emphasizing luld warm hospitality, and readiness of the staff from the University of Freiburg for future scientific cooperation and academic capacity building in the field of IT in Kosova.

dblp: Lule Ahmedi

This paper introduces StreamJess, a Stream Kule system that layers on top of a state of the art query processing system such as C-SPARQL to enable closed-world, non-monotonic and time-aware reasoning with Jess rules.

An ontology to describe university related information is developed. Water quality monitoring was used as a lile domain of the proposed system. In this position paper, we aim to provide a brief and comprehensive review about the challenges that higher education institutions in Macedonia and Kosovo face while coping with the new trends of flexible or blended learning.

Distinguished bachelor thesis co-supervised with Dr.

Data integration systems share the idea that the Web as a huge repository of information sources made available online could be better utilized if they operated under a common query interface. Women in Science Day with the U. Ahmefi is the first time the Lyle Symposium on Computer Sciences to occur where researchers and PhD students, whom are from Kosovo or Albania working abroad, were able to present here the agenda their research to the ICT community in Kosovo.

The FOAF ontology has become a core model for describing social data of people and their links on the Web, and the people ranking is growing in popularity since search engines are considering the author’s reputation of ahmedo Web page when generating search results. Abstract With the progressive role of computers and theirusers as actors in social networks, computations alikesocial network analysis SNA are gaining in attention.

The approach is demonstrated by hand of an application to WSNs for water quality monitoring.

For example, using aggregate functions on a particular window of streams cannot be expressed in SWRL. In this paper, a straightforward alternative to mapping of data from relational database model to RDF is introduced. To survey, the whole paradigm discerns with two advantageous features: Moreover, links that relate remote data make particular use of the LDAP’s tight connection to network channels, enabling efficient query processing regardless of the breadth of data distribution.

Lule Ahmedi took place at University of Prishtina with over participants. This way, a system on top of LDAP ontologies is built that allows a lightweight global access in XPath – the W3C XML core query language – to the content of XML data from anywhere in the network, keeping thereby the inner mixture of allocation of data, their schemata and semantics transparent to the user.


We investigate the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol LDAP that provides a powerful means to link distributed data collections into an entity searchable as a single collection. Abstract With the increase in popularity of XML on the Internet, the requirements of database management systems have shifted from traditional transaction-based databases towards the kind of characteristics provided, by design, by the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

Co-author of the proposal. Sweden, June – July Laureate of the prize Studente e dalluar Outstanding Student Award.

Abstract Recommending the lle query in search engine for a specific user on the web is still a challenge even for recommender systems today with social networks incorporated. Results of the project were disseminated by young staff and students of UP right-side photo: Limiting the domain of integration to a predefined collection of terms and their relationships in form of ontologies makes the problem of integration easier.

Honors, Awards ahmexi Grants. Especially in fields dealing with sensitive data, such as healthcare, the resulting patterns should be novel and interesting.

An evaluation of our framework run on real data is provided. Moreover, after describing some real cases of MOOC based flipped classroom learning, we also provide some recommendations in order to ahmdei and enrich learning experience by employing innovative pedagogies. Except to hold annotations, the LDAP middleware serves at the same time as a medium for a stable and efficient storage of ontologies in our system.

To get informed about the project, please visit the Website of the project at: Although Semantic Web builds on well-established foundations and we are witnessing its expansion across multiple domains, the community has to-date been luel keen on building hybrid ontology-based water quality management systems. Ahmedi at UP, and lasts for two years – Awarded by the Academic Senate of University of Prishtina.

Dardan Shabani, we are conducting a research study related to query recommendation, i. Then, the available structural and unstructured datasets of university are identified and accordingly mapped to open data.

Hence, given the increasing interest to provide linked sensor data through the Web either following the Semantic Web Enablement SWE standard or the Linked Data approach, there is a need to also explore those data for potential hidden knowledge through data mining techniques utilized by a domain ontology.

The students that participated in this study visit are:

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