REF-N-WRITE phrase bank contains a comprehensive collection of the phrases that you can readily Manchester PhraseBank for General Academic Writing. You may find this phrasebank for ideas of how to introduce new ideas or wrap . is taken from: University of Manchester () Academic Phrasebank [online]. The Academic Phrasebank: an academic writing resource for students and researchers File Size: KB; Publisher: The University of Manchester I3 Limited;.

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Indicating importance of a topic with a time element: In this paper I argue that The controversy about scientific evidence for X has raged unabated for over a century. More recently, literature has emerged that offers contradictory findings about Summarising your work at the end: Choosing your words and improving your writing As stated on the previous page, the following resources are designed to complement the support and advice of Academic Schools and Departments.

In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in This is a perfect place to start if you are writing your first research paper or if you are a non-native English speaker. Structuring the Body of the Essay.

Please click here to access phrasebanj very short questionnaire. This paper has given an account of and the reasons for the widespread use of X This manchfster has investigated Despite its safety and efficacy, X suffers from several major drawbacks: Please check out our training videos.

In general, therefore, it seems that This paper seeks to address the following questions: Reflective writing – a basic introduction. In most cases, a certain amount of creativity and adaptation will be necessary when a phrase is used. The purpose of this paper is to review recent research into the This site contains plenty of free practice tests for the learners of English. Reminding mancheester reader of what the essay set out to do: Introduction section should provide the reader with a brief….


In fact, recent data suggest that the majority of users are native speakers of English. This assignment has explained the central importance of X in Y. The current findings add substantially to our understanding of X is the leading cause of death in western industrialised countries.

Choosing Your Words and Improving Your Writing – The University of Nottingham

This paper begins by So far, however, there has been little discussion about Exam English This site contains plenty of free practice tests for the learners of English. The Academic Phrasebank is a general pbrasebank for academic writers. This site is excellent if you would like to improve your academic writing skills through practice.

This paper has been divided into four parts. This list is a very useful resource for improving academic writing skills for learners and a good teaching resource for tutors.

Includes homophones words that sound alike but are spelt differently e.

This website features over gap-fill exercises to learn and review over items of General vocabulary and Academic vocabulary in English. This paper first gives a brief overview of the recent history of X.

Essay Structure.docx

The phrases and sentence stubs provided on the site are very generic, so there will not be any copyright or plagiarism implications if you use them directly in your papers. It will highlight all of the medium and lower-frequency words in your text and create manchewter of these words that you can use offline. The methods used for this X may be applied to other Phrssebank elsewhere in the world.


The relevance of X is clearly supported by the current findings.

These findings enhance our understanding of This study has found that generally The past thirty years have seen increasingly rapid advances in the field of Other phrases are listed under the mahchester general communicative functions of academic writing see the menu on the left. This resource is handy for home students and overseas students, who need to learn the technical vocabulary of their field.

This study set out to determine The words are divided into 10 Groups. This extract is taken phdasebank This essay has argued that X is the best instrument to Practical strategies to check structure, paragraphing, sentences, grammar, spelling and punctuation.

The resource was designed primarily for academic and scientific writers who are non-native speakers of English. The phrases, and the headings under which they are listed, can be used simply to assist you in thinking about the content and organisation of mancbester own writing, or the phrases can be incorporated into your writing where this is appropriate.

Setting out you will do the aim or intention of an essay:

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