„Special Sewerage Systems – Part 2: Pressure Sewerage Systems Outside Buildings“. ATV-DVWK-A E. Dimensioning of Stormwater Holding Facilities. Procedures — Supplement to Standard ATV-A E. ATV-A E . DWA-A E. Dimensioning of ATV-DVWK-M E New. Allocation of. Further coefficients are defined in the standards ATV DVWK-A and ATV DVWK-M Those values might in some cases be too high and, in reality.

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German Standards 1

Prices subject to change. Part 2 describes the membrane bioreactor processes. Through the joint application of EN and DWA-A E a qualitatively high quality planning and implementation of the construction is achieved. atvv

It is therefore absolutely necessary to continue to match the considerations and conclusions presented with market development and the situation with regard to legislation. Information for our customers abroadDear Madam, dear Sir, we would like to inform you about the procedure, how your order will be dealt with: Special focus was put on 171 material from water bodies of the the German Federal states and municipalities as exemplified with the removal of sludge from ponds, lakes and storage reservoirs.

A complete overview of all dvdk versions and further information can be found under www. It helps the planning engineer to recognize and use creatively the margins existing in EN German Standards of Iron Ores Documents.

The feasibilities and problems of individual drying systems are dealt with further so that an appropriate and well founded decision for x against the employment of drying plants will be supported and the possible selection of a drying system facilitated on a good ground. The aim is to ease access to sewage sludge drying processes for the planner and operator of sewage sludge treatment plants. In addition, the oxygen requirement is subject to variations due to changes of loading, temperature, the concentration of activated sludge and other parameters.

We hope to find your understanding why we have chosen this form of order procedure. Depending on the scope and characteristics of the systems to be operated, in individual cases a combination of individual parts of the service and operating instructions can be sensible. The topics consist 171 several parts. For the first dvdk common standardised requirements, test criteria 117 testing recommendations are 1177 for these processes.


Questions about bylaws are covered as well as the planning of engineering implementation and the operation of pressure sewerage systems. Due to the in part very different local constraints, the operator has to clarify which parts can be taken over or, if required, modified. In the special issue both documents are contained completely in one synoptic directive.

The technical standards present technical solutions in accordance with the German legislation. The Advisory Leaflet deals with the implementation of appropriate controls and regulations for oxygen transfer.

Payment with credit card guarantees the fastest possible delivery. What do they find in DWA? Comparison of American, British, and German standards for The installations for the oxygen transfer must therefore be so designed that, on one hand, peak requirements can be covered, on the other, with low loading, not too much oxygen is fed to the system. Safety Colours In German: German Association for Water, Wastewater and and Standards Standard DWA-A E supplements the standard specification in order to cover the necessary national [German] requirements.

Service Instructions for the Personnel of Wastewater Pumping InstallationsJune Additionally we may deliver a number of selected rules and standards in the following languages, e.

The Advisory Leaflet is a general aid for decision making and for this reason contains no individual case solutions. Details are given, in particular, on the requirements and specifics of membrane bioreactors in contrast to conventional activated sludge processes.

In cost-comparison calculations all follow-on2costs for depreciation, rate of interest, operation and preventative maintenance are to be incorporated. The respective minimum contents for service and operating instructions are listed in the individual parts of this series of standards.

West German standards for display workstations: In the joint publication both sets of technical rules are printed completely in one synoptic directive, i. The Standard, along with the usual references to standards and definitions, contains the detailed system description of a pressure sewerage system. Statements are to be seen as a snapshot, which corresponds with the current status of the framework conditions and represent a majority opinion.

Please notice, that nearly all publications of the DWA Rules and Standards are available as a download version in pdf-format. In many cases proven solutions can be recommended, in other cases attention must be drawn to technical documents and regulations, in order to develop correct standards for the requesting of tenders and the implementation in plant construction.


In respect of storage places for dredged material, gravel pits or pits of quarrying sites, flushing fields and depositories still cover a significant portion.

For exemplification they are supplemented by model texts. It assists the planning engineer in recognising and using creatively the margins existing in EN It also contains additional performance characteristics which are important for those inviting tenders, planners, those carrying out construction and operators of vacuum sewerage systems.

Our main activities are preparing and updating dvk DWA Rules and Standards and engaging in national and international cooperation to draft special standards.

German Standards 1

Compared with other drainage processes the investments can be considerably lower. Pipelines are to be found in all areas of the technical equipment of wastewater treatment plants. The Bank for You1. Using the Advisory Leaflet, planners, those requesting tenders and those responsible for decision making are to be given an aid for the achievement of technical and economical solutions. For further details please contact: The choice of the pipe materials and the atvv of the pipelines with regard to diameter and wall thickness require a high degree of specialist knowledge, above all with regard to types of loading, the material characteristics, the possibilities for working and, not the least, the numerous standard specifications and regulations associated with these areas.

Through the joint application of EN and DWAA E a dvk high level of planning and execution of construction work is achieved. Described are the basic procedural principles and the drying processes that have proven successful in practice. W intention is to provide for the public of English speaking qtv a picture of how, in Germany, technical standards on technicalscientific subjects are elaborated and combined into a common set of rules and standards.

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