CY8CAXI datasheet, CY8CAXI pdf, CY8CAXI data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Cypress, PSoC® 3 CY8C38 Programmable. CY8CAXI Cypress Semiconductor Corp | ND DigiKey Electronics Datasheets, CY8C38 Family PSoC Environmental Information, RoHS. Explore the latest datasheets, compare past datasheet revisions, and confirm part CY8CAXI Package Outline: Download PDF.

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The external kHz crystal can be used to generate Page Acronyms Table PLDs are used to implement state machines, Page 94 Figure Page 2 Contents 1. Pins are Do Not The converter can be configured to provide low-power, low-current regulation in the standby mode. Up to four configurable multifunction analog blocks. When in active mode, cy8c3866axxi-040 active configuration template bits control which available resources are enabled Page 70 Inductive Boost Regulator.

The CY8C38 family can handle dozens of data acquisition channels and analog inputs on.

CY8CAXIT – Cypress Semiconductor – Free Library Parts

Page Figure Page 58 Table Page 66 Table Configurable delta-sigma ADC with 8- to bit resolution. The CY8C38 family provides. Page 99 Table Page 91 Figure The connection allows read and write accesses to external memories.


The LUT is a two input, one output lookup table that is driven by any one or two of the comparators in the chip. The DFB has a dedicated multiplier and cy8x3866axi-040 that calculates a bit by bit multiply accumulate in one Page 26 System Integration 6.


Page 90 Figure High impedance analog The default reset state with both the output driver and digital input buffer turned off. Page 15 Program Branching Instructions The supports a set of conditional and unconditional jump instructions that help to modify the program execution flow. The analog voltage present on the pin must not exceed the Vddio supply voltage to which the GPIO belongs. Interrupt Controller Table Active Mode Current vs Temperature Page External Crystal Oscillator Table This state is recommended for Low-power internal oscillator at 1, 33, and kHz.

Page 92 Table Compare operands include the two accumulators and the two data registers Page 31 Figure Up to four bit configurable timer, counter, and PWM blocks. Page Packaging Table Page 57 Figure Independent of the ALU operation, these functions are available: See the Flash Program Memory 5. See the can be used Page 95 Table Page 77 Table Page Table Page 87 Figure Page 68 Table Page 44 Datapath Module The datapath contains an 8-bit single cycle ALU, with associated compare and condition generation logic.


Page 86 Table In standby mode, most boost functions are disabled, thus reducing power consumption of datashet boost circuit.

Datapath Module The datapath contains an 8-bit single cycle ALU, with associated compare and condition generation logic. Code Editor Anchoring the tool is a modern, highly customizable user interface.

Page 14 Table Page 71 Table

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