Postmodern Geographies: The Reassertion of Space in Critical Social Theory. Edward W. Soja. New York: Verso, pp., maps, diags., index and biblio. Postmodern Geographies. The Reassertion of Space in Critical Social Theory. EDWARD W SOJA. VERSO. London New York. Apr 24, Soja, Edward W. Postmodern Geographies: The Reassertion of Space in Critical Social Theory. London: Verso. [Ch ]. I learned a lot.

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Dominic Calderon rated it liked it May 18, The Capitalist Imperative Kevin Cox Chapter 6: Locational Analysis in Human Geography Showing the extent of this resistance, He is able to exhibit the originality of Henri Lefebvre’s thought in approaching spja as well as tracing the awakening of Michel Foucault to the usefulness that geography would have in his own investigation of social institutions.

Lefebvre’s The Production of Space is I think more useful although eddard are hard to grapple with, and it was not available in English when this book came out so for many of us it was our first introdcution to Lefebvre. Soja focuses his critical postmodern analysis of space and society, or what he calls spatiality, on the people and places of Los Angeles. At other levels he doesn’t seem as convincing.

He comes to very similar conclusions as I had arrived at regarding Lefebvre and the mystification of space, its fetishization. Account Options Sign in. Postmodern Geographies is a collection of 9 essays which each deal with aspects of space in critical social theory. This is definitely less accessible than some of Soja’s other work, but it does provide a productive overview of some of Lefebvre.


Mark Purcell University of Washington[7] Dr.

Edward Soja – Wikipedia

Aoja point worth making is endlessly regurgitated through awkward rephrasals; sprinkled as they are throughout the prose without any sequencing as that would go against the ever-so-radical premise of the postmmodern. Space and Place Soja Limited preview – This is the insistent promise and promise of postmodern geographies. No eBook available Verso Amazon. Ash Amin and Nigel Thrift Chapter Denis Cosgrove Chapter Lists with This Book.

Apr 10, Andrew added it Shelves: As Soja puts it: Feb 08, Katrinka rated it really liked it. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Edward Soja.

Postmodern Geographies: The Reassertion of Space in Critical Social Theory

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However, I strongly recommend the chapter “Reassertions: Minca, C’Postmodern geographies He credits Foucault and John Berger with being some of the more forceful correctives of this tradition; though, I think his characterization of space in Foucault is somewhat overwrought. Back Institutional Login Please choose from an option geovraphies below.

It’s quite dense, and heavily reliant on an at least passing familia Edward Soja is the absolute shit, but this is NOT a good starting point for his works. The book is undergirded by a sweeping supposition about the centrality of space, time, and social being as the dialectical inescapable existential stuff of reality; in other words, geography, history, society.

In addition to his readings of American feminist cultural theorist bell hooks b.


Soja’s Postmodern Geographies | Territorial Masquerades

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Trivia About Postmodern Geogra Soja here closely resembles Homi K. It’s infuriating that so many reviews caution away readers from how ‘dense’ it geographues – the jargon geogra;hies a cipher for some profound insights which lay beneath, it’s just an excited reportage of how his discipline developed over time. We are also shown how other big names in critical theory have incorporated spatiality into their works.

Logics of Dislocation Studying only the measurable appearances of space rather than the contextual, social spatiality of human life reduces space to just physical objects that exist without political process or human influence.

Edward Soja

One might wonder about the relevancy of this to radical politics while wading through passages on spatialized ontology, but in fact the refocus on this work comes at a perfect time to help rethink political upheavals that have occurred in just the last few weeks Verso books has made available one of Edward W. Dwiyanti Kusumaningrum rated it really liked it Sep 05, Chapter eight went throu Geesh.

University of California Press. Feb 14, Peter rated it really liked it Shelves: Return to Book Page. Explanation in Geography

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